Twice in Blue Moon (Paperback)

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For centuries a war raged in secret between a race that shouldn't exist and the group set out to destroy them, but the final battle nears as secrets begin to unravel...

Banished from a war torn Blue Moon, Lana fights to survive in a world where Ashton no longer recognizes her and the reach of Sophia's Organization continues to grow. As Lana strives to save Blue Moon, shifters, and herself without her powers she discovers a deeper more sinister connection to Kristy. Heedless of the danger to herself Lana tests the connection, recklessly bargaining away more and more of who she is. Realizing the true price of fulfilling the prophecy only one person can save Lana, but will he remember her? And will there be enough of Lana left to save?

Author_Bio: Danielle graduated from Wichita State University with a Bachelor of Arts. She currently resides in the Heart of the Rockies, spending as much time as she can enjoying the outdoors, doing anything from camping and hiking to spending time on the river and climbing.

Keywords: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Young Adult, Werewolves, Magic, Witch, Blue Moon, Shifter, Mates

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ISBN: 9781506906201
ISBN-10: 1506906206
Publisher: First Edition Design Publishing
Publication Date: April 9th, 2018
Pages: 222
Language: English